4 Website Analytics & Testing Services You SHOULD Be Using!

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How do you make decisions about site performance without a valid method of measuring your results? The answer: you can’t!

The advancement of the web has blessed us with in-depth analytical tools. We can now quantify almost everything in our businesses. So take a few minutes to set up these basic services.


Because successful businesses make decisions based on data, not gut feelings or personal preferences.

the following services will prove to be quite useful for anyone who works on your web presence now and in the future.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track all your site data. You can measure site traffic, including traffic from sources such as Facebook & Google. You can also measure the results of promotional campaigns. Other features include tracking e-commerce orders and revenue. You can even analyze your internal site search, and a lot more.

Create a Google Analytics Account
Integrate Google Analytics with WordPress Using MonsterInsights

Google Search Console

Creating a Search Console account is helpful towards maintaining the health of your site. It’s also a must if you are doing SEO-work on your site. It allows you to get notifications from Google about errors, malware or other problems. You can link it with your Google Analytics account to get in-depth search stats, and much more.

Connect Your Website With Google Search Console


Use the HotJar plugin to create heatmaps and visitor recordings. These can help you identify usability issues on your website and gain further insights into your site visitors’ behavior.

Visual Website Optimizer

If you want to maximize profits, you need to maximize conversions. A conversion is when a site visitor takes an action that is aligned with your goal. For example, submitting a form, subscribing to a list, or making a purchase.

You can maximize your conversions through the practice of conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is the ongoing process of making small changes to your site pages, measuring increases in conversion, and using that data to incrementally improve your site’s conversion rate.

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is a tool that you can check out once you are ready to get started.

*NOTE: CRO is a finishing touch – only start using it once your site is already converting visitors.

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