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Many businesses use WordPress as a part of their sales funnel or WooCommerce to manage their shop. But the majority of businesses leave a large amount of profit on the table.

This happens for 4 primary reasons:

  1. Their website is not optimized for conversions.
  2. They aren’t using their site as part of a “sales-funnel” strategy that minimizes customer acquisition costs and maximizes customer lifetime value.
  3. They make decisions based on personal preferences rather than customer-driven data.
  4. Their website maintenance strategy leaves them vulnerable to tech issues that harm their sales.

Maximizing conversions and customer lifetime value will increase your profit margins. And through increased margins, you can scale and grow your business on a consistent basis.

I can help you achieve this.

I founded WPACTIV with one vision and purpose in mind. To help businesses maximize the return on investment from their WordPress websites.

For the past three years, I have worked exclusively with WordPress & WooCommerce. I understand how to maximize the effectiveness of these platforms because I know which strategies, tactics, and tools to use.

The reality is, In today’s market, businesses live or die based on their ability to leverage and combine both marketing and technology.

While most web professionals are either marketing-focused or tech-focused, I am both. I provide your business with the combination of tech and marketing expertise that is required to succeed online.

I am a multi-certified digital marketing specialist. My academic background is deep rooted in both marketing and web technologies.

I will work with you to turn your WordPress website into a well-maintained marketing machine. A machine that meets your goals on a consistent basis.

Ready to get started? Me too. Join WPACTIV today!

Meet Our Team

Surya, Web Developer

Develops high performance websites and integrates other software services.

Julie, Designer

Creates compelling designs for websites and other marketing materials.

Faisal, Admin Assistant

Provides administrative support

Client Feedback

  • "WPACTIV is incredible to work with. Their organization and attention to detail quickly provided us with a sense of security that we are partnering with the organization"

    Todd Taylor Dreamteamamericas.com
  • "I have worked with WPACTIV with my business' website for couple of months already and I am thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, know-how, and passion to help business owners succeed online."

    Rolf Tam Teltam.ca
  • "WPACTIV has been very helpful and responsive helping us resolve numerous issues with our existing website - identifying problems on the "back-end", increasing our speed and performance, and streamlining the check-out process to name just a few."

    Cindy Wobbe Tobyandmax.com
  • "The WPACTIV team was an integral part in the design and success of rookiegarage.com"

    John Outen RookieGarage.com
  • After having a less than satisfactory outcome with my first web consultant, James and The WPACTIV team have clearly helped my business take the next step online.

    Neville Mistri Allnaturaledsolutions.com
  • James is a very easy person to work with and very pleasant, courteous and professional. He is an excellent communicator who explains his ideas in very concise and clear ways to non-technical people, and does not hesitate to provide his opinion, insight and ideas. We really got the feeling that James is personally invested in making our on-line presence successful. We were very happy with the end-result as well as with the post-launch follow-up.

    Richard Wahba Expertech.ca
  • James is an online marketing strategist who will deliver what he promises and he has many, many ideas that have a real impact online.

    Tilly Dunn Tillydunn.com
  • From the outset James’ professionalism and experience provided us with confidence. The product and service delivered did not only impress us but we also received many compliments from current and prospective clients. In the past year since creation, our website has provided more than 50 different leads which has lead to business endeavors far exceeding the initial cost of our investment in WPACTIV.

    Shawn Hogan Airvitech.ca

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